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Brand Challenge

Inspire youth to create music at home

Last year, we were tasked by Casio to help launch its new range of CT-X keyboards to a specific audience: a youthful demographic which mainly consisted of those aged 13-18-years-old. This age group was a key target for the product range, especially those who are either learning the piano or have aspirations to create music at home. Ultimately for the launch, the challenge was to inspire them to pick up the keyboard and learn, whilst also driving interest from them to purchase.



Influencer-driven CTX Challenge

Given the teenage audience was a priority to reach, we advised and pulled together a strategic brand partnership with short-form video app, (since rebranded as TikTok). The brand partnership tapped into influencer marketing with the goal to promote the new range of keyboards, achieving cut-through with the platform’s core audience of predominantly 13-24-year-olds, with a potential reach of over 12 million.

#ctxchallenge images images

The partnership consisted of creating a trending hashtag challenge within the app whereby UK users were invited to recreate their favourite song using a Casio keyboard, record it and then finally upload it to the platform with #ctxchallenge. The hashtag was clearly messaged as associated with the launch of Casio’s new keyboards and offered a prize for the teenage community – a brand new CT-X keyboard.


To inspire the rest of the community to take part in this music-making challenge, Casio worked with to identify three high-reaching influencers from the platform who could play the piano. Ahead of launching the challenge to the community, these three influencers were seeded a CT-X keyboard and then produced their entry to a song cover of their choice. These video entries were lined up to launch in tandem with the challenge to showcase to the rest of the community and their fans how they can get involved to win.


The collaboration delivered commending results. Within two weeks, highlights included:

  • 450%


  • OVER



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  • 12.5m


The activation not only boosted audience engagement, but also product enquiries – it even led to the creation of Casio branded entries from the community and sparked conversation around learning the piano, with key comments including…“Seriously… where do I get one and learn to play” and…“I’m getting a keyboard to learn!”.