Why we do it

The four things we hold sacred at DawBell are...

  1. Loving the people we work for
  2. Loving the team we work with
  3. Loving our work
  4. Staying ahead of the shifts in audience engagement

We work in a people business, so getting these four things right helps us to create incredible, innovative, insightful, award winning work, which make our clients very happy!
We have a thirty strong team who sell an experience and a service, and that can only be the very best because we are all motivated, creative and passionate about what we do.


Who we are

DawBell was first founded in 2009 from a tiny office opposite Charing Cross station in the heart of London.

Our goal was to re-invent the model of the traditional entertainment PR agency, into something bolder and smarter, that also had a much wider business scope.

We started the company during a recession, which gave us a lean start-up mentality, built on focus, efficiency and growth.

This was a time when the media landscape and entertainment industry were going through rapid change as they continue to do so today.

We wanted to stay at the forefront of our business by evolving with these changes; a finger on the pulse while constantly looking ahead.

What we do

Whether it is a superstar or a super brand, our clients all want two things: relevance and reputation.

We advise all our clients with these two very important points in mind, as they are the keys to long term success.

We have always been at the centre of popular culture, giving us a very unique perspective on engagement with every type of audience.

Our work has not gone unnoticed … We made it into the Top 5 Best New Agencies at the 2011 PR Week Awards as well as being nominated every year in our existence at the Music Week Awards - winning twice. We are in the shortlist of the Top 5 Small Agencies in the UK for this year's PR Week Awards (2016) as well as the Top 6 Specialist Agencies. Music Week Award - PR Campaign of the Year for 2017

We look after some of the most powerful influencers in popular culture today - Paul McCartney, Gary Barlow/Take That, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, James Corden, Harry Styles, Beck and Shawn Mendes - who interact with hundreds of millions of people every single day.

Our brand clients include some of the biggest and most important operators in entertainment: Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music, The Isle Of Wight Festival, musical.ly, Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds, Casio Music, The Mercury Prize and The BRIT Awards.

Our Expertise

  • Being experts in the mechanics of engagement
  • Our influence and connections
  • Understanding talent
  • Media Navigation
  • Crisis Management
  • 8 years experience in communication
  • Understanding the business of brands
  • Research and insight
  • Creativity and innovation

The future

Media, technology, entertainment, products, business and people’s habits are constantly evolving. Our business is built on this principle and is designed to stay agile enough to adapt to continuous change.

We know what works now will not have the same impact in six months time, so we are constantly knitting together these ever evolving key areas of influence, whether they are newspapers, magazines, websites, TV shows, brands, blogs or people, to make bespoke campaigns that have real, measurable impact.

Rich Dawes Headshot

Rich Dawes

Managing Director

First Album:
Michael Jackson - 'Thriller'

Favourite Work Moment:
Winning the BRITs as a client in 2010 and proceeding to dance around the office in celebration with the rest of the team. It was less than a year into our lifespan and winning the account fundamentally changed our business.

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Stuart Bell Headshot

Stuart Bell

Managing Director

First Album:
WHAM ‘Make It Big’, followed very quickly with Guns n’ Roses ‘Appetite For Destruction’

Favourite Work Moment:
Too many to mention but I’ll always remember our very first day of DawBell. Our tiny little cupboard for an office in Charing Cross with no facilities... or clients! I’m immensely proud of how far we’ve all come.

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Alaina Austick Headshot

Alaina Austick

Financial Controller

First Album:
Alanis Morisette - ‘Jagged Little Pill’

Favourite Work Moment:
The blood, sweat and tears that lead to our amazing office!

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Scarlett Flynn Headshot

Scarlett Flynn

EA to Rich Dawes & Stuart Bell

First Album:
Lauryn Hill - ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’

Favourite Work Moment:
Winning Best Driver DawBell Award at the Christmas Party for driving the mini bus onto a wall at the Isle Of Wight Festival 2015 at 2am

Contact Scarlett

Holly Appleton Headshot

Holly Appleton

Head of Digital

First Album:
'Spice’ - Spice Girls

Favourite Work Moment:
Stopping for a minute to see Beyonce perform at the BRITs in 2014 - she was aaaaaaaaaamazing!

Contact Holly

Pippa Evers Headshot

Pippa Evers

Head of TV

First Album:
Purchased with my very own money I'm pretty sure was Michael Jackson 'Bad'.

Favourite Work Moment:
Pulling up to Buckingham palace for a photo call with Gary Barlow a few weeks before the Jubilee concert...and forgetting I had some tour props in the boot of my car - six plastic AK47 guns!

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Kate Etteridge Headshot

Kate Etteridge

Head of Music and Entertainment

First Album:
On casette ‘Kylie’ - Kylie Minogue, on CD: ‘Garbage’ - Garbage

Favourite Work Moment:
Watching Blur headline the Saturday night of The Isle of Wight Festival and seeing the 50,000 crowd go absolutely nuts

Contact Kate

Laura Sinclair Headshot

Laura Sinclair

Head of Press

First Album:
‘Take That and Party’ in 1992 - I love them just as much now as I did when I was 9!

Favourite Work Moment:
My favourite work memory is standing on the main stage at Glastonbury in 2014 waiting in the wings with Laura Mvula before she smashed it on stage.

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Maria Barham Headshot

Maria Barham

PR Director

First Album:
Prince 'Purple Rain

Favourite Work Moment:
Watching Take That rehearse their Circus Tour in Sunderland's Stadium of Light and being one of only a handful of people in the entire stadium....stuff of dreams!

Contact Maria

James Windle Headshot

James Windle

PR Director

First Album:
‘And Justice For All’ by Metallica!

Favourite Work Moment:
Seeing Eagles of Death Metal getting back on stage at the Olympia in Paris was truly spine tingling. Such an emotional, uplifting and cathartic moment after the horrors of the previous three months.

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Lisa Birch Headshot

Lisa Birch

Senior PR Manager

First Album:
Beautiful South - ‘Blue Is The Colour’

Favourite Work Moment:
One of my favourite work moments was at a Will.I.Am party we organised for his new camera app and Idris Elba introduced himself to me.

Contact Lisa

Claire Walley Headshot

Claire Walley

Senior PR Manager

First Album:
Wham - I played Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go on repeat every night before bed as I bounced

Favourite Work Moment:
Finding my life partner, Lisa!

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James Smyllie Headshot

James Smyllie

PR Manager

First Album:
The first album I bought was the Lion King soundtrack on cassette tape.

Favourite Work Moment:
Working with the Queen team on the 40th Anniversary of Bohemian Rhapsody, involving the English National Ballet. The highlight was seeing the filming of their principal dancers performing special choreography to the song

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Emma Sweet Headshot

Emma Sweet

Brands Account Manager

First Album:
Shania Twain - ‘Come On Over’

Favourite Work Moment:
There a few... however standing side stage watching Queen close the main stage after the most epic first time working at the Isle of Wight Festival with the whole DawBell team is definitely a stand out for me!

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Dulcie Mackechnie Headshot

Dulcie Mackechnie

Junior PR Executive

First Album:
Michael Jackson ‘History: Past Present and Future’ BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!

Favourite Work Moment:
Hands down meeting Craig David (He smelt amazing!!!)

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Jordan Shepley Headshot

Jordan Shepley

Junior PR Executive

First Album:
Aquarium - Aqua

Favourite Work Moment:
Being able to work at the Hyundai Mercury Music Prize

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Joah Vega Headshot

Joah Vega

Social Media Assistant

First Album:
Stereo Typical - Rizzle Kicks (please don’t judge me)

Favourite Work Moment:
The AMAZING Rated Awards!

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Rob O’Riordan Headshot

Rob O’Riordan

Press Assistant

First Album:
Get Ready! - 2 Unlimited

Favourite Work Moment:
Posing with my (borrowed) Red Woman Of The Year Award.

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Sophie Taylor Headshot

Sophie Taylor

Office / Finance Junior Assistant

First Album:
Girls Aloud - 'Out Of Control'

Favourite Work Moment:
Definitely my first Christmas Party...

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Amy Allen Headshot

Amy Allen

Brands Assistant

First Album:
Atomic Kitten - 'Atomic Kitten'

Favourite Work Moment:
Watching the notorious Dexter (Michael c. Hall) honour David Bowie at the Hyundai Mercury Music awards.

Contact Amy

Kevin Callus Headshot

Kevin Callus

Brands Senior Account Manager

First Album:
Dance Zone ’95 which I still have to this day

Favourite Work Moment:
Cramming 50 people into a campervan to create a world record

Contact Kevin

Ashley Townley Headshot

Ashley Townley

Senior PR Manager

First Album:
Michael Jackson - HIStory

Favourite Work Moment:
Red Team winning the dizzy relay race at Sports Day. I don't care what they say, we didn't cheat!!!

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Anthony Giannaccini Headshot

Anthony Giannaccini

Senior PR Executive

First Album:
Alkaline Trio - 'From Here To Infirmary'

Favourite Work Moment:
Leading the Yellow team to victory at the DawBell Sports Day!

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Lauren Webb Headshot

Lauren Webb

Digital Assistant

First Album:
Spice Girls - 'Spice'

Favourite Work Moment:
Watching Queen with everyone at the end IOW Festival 2016

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Micaela Sowerby Headshot

Micaela Sowerby


First Album:
Girls Aloud - Sound of the Underground

Favourite Work Moment:
Has got to be sports day

Contact Micaela

Matt Pilcher Headshot

Matt Pilcher

Senior Social Media Manager

First Album:
The Offspring 'Americana'

Favourite Work Moment:
Being part of the winning team on Sports Day 2017

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Chantal Libarikian Headshot

Chantal Libarikian

Social Media Account Manager

First Album:
Fugees - The Score

Favourite Work Moment:
Working at the Isle Of Wight Festival and being side of stage at Run DMC's headline performance at the festival!

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Dave Palmer Headshot

Dave Palmer

PR Mananger

First Album:
Led Zeppelin - III

Favourite Work Moment:
Watching Billy Corgan perform '1979', 'Disarm', 'Today' AND 'Tonight, Tonight' solo, at the RSA, with nothing besides an acoustic guitar

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