ELTON JOHN vs PNAU (MW Award nominated)


To create awareness of the record collaboration with a band relatively unknown in the UK and with little access to Elton. The media were keen to relate any features back to his personal life, so carefully selecting outlets and controlling the messaging was a key priority.



We needed to get people talking about this record from an early stage, targeting a very specific audience. Securing the cover of Guardian Weekend, with the feature written by a music writer, Alexis Petridis, ensuring that the piece had a music focus from the start, which gathered visibility with Guardian’s huge online reach.

As the record sounded like a ‘music critics’ record’, we worked hard to ensure that the right people were able to review and feature pieces around Elton and Pnau to secure interest and coverage from the most influential media possible.

The campaign was mostly press driven.



Elton’s first #1 album in 20 years

Controlled media coverage - ensuring focus was on the record rather than Elton’s personal life

Features in Attitude, The Times, Music Week as well as The Sun STFW and Project Magazine covers