Our aim was to position 5SOS as the most exciting debut breakthrough band of 2014, creating a campaign that had momentum and longevity, as well as ensuring a credible profile in the media reflected the reality of the growing hysteria around them.

The global campaign was being lead by the UK so the right positioning was essential. The band were initially regarded as a One Direction-esque pop band so we decided to commission a Kerrang! Style fanzine that introduced 5SOS as a rock band. This went out to key media who immediately understood their positioning.

This allowed us to get a new band feature in Kerrang! Magazine early on and then four separate covers of Rock Sound magazine nearer to release. They had to be the only band for years to be on the cover of a rock and pop magazine simultaneously (Rock Sound & TOTPs!).

The ideas did not stop there though... We wanted to create a real press moment to mark the release of the album that was fitting for the band - something fun that created a great picture. The band had just released the video for their single, ‘Don’t Stop’ which saw them dress-up as superheroes. We came up with the idea of the band abseiling down Senate House in London as their superhero-alter-egos to re-stock music stores as all copies of the album had sold out.

The story/images of the band abseiling achieved widespread coverage across all media platforms including the ITN News, the pages of all the tabloids, Mail Online, as well as other media outlets around the world and fans were posting the images/videos across socials.