Working with talent

By Laura Sinclair - Acting Head of Press 

I have always considered working with talent one of the biggest honours - to an extent, their lives are in our care.  Ensuring that they are looked after is something that is incredibly important to us as a company and I personally think we are the best at it for that reason.

Being a great publicist in many ways is about the relationship that you have with your client.  When your client is a personality, it is imperative that you have a close relationship in order for you to do the best job.  Understanding their core values and where they sit in the media landscape allows us to go beyond just getting coverage and whether it's good or bad for their profile.  It allows us to think about the finer details that will have the biggest impact; like putting them in front of a journalist that relates and understands their work.

It’s also essential to have great relationships with media, built on trust, ensuring there is dialogue continuously throughout the process to guard against any unwelcome surprises! Not all press is good press - it takes strategy and expertise to get it right.

As the PR, you are solely responsible for their profile, you are their spokesperson - that is a huge responsibility and takes care and consideration.

It means that we are always devising ways to build their profile in the right way, navigating press to ensure that everything we do works as part of the overall strategy, is positive but is also something that they are excited to do.  We are part of the core team that is constantly thinking about the bigger picture, making sure that we are all working towards the same goal. It is also about constructing a campaign that stands out from the crowd, creating great 'one of a kind' moments which help to take their profile into new and exciting places and always thinking outside the box to make those 'key moments' happen.

We have always believed in the protection of our clients and that takes trust on both sides.  Without that, we couldn't do the job that we do.  Whether it's dealing with a crisis, to ensuring that every aspect of a campaign has been considered, we will always have their best interests at the heart of everything we do and they trust us to always look out for them.