Brands Could Learn A Lot From How Musicians Use Their Social Media

by Matt Pilcher - Senior Social Media Manager


For brands that are serious about social media, taking inspiration from how musicians utilise their social media channels could completely change their business.

Three of the biggest brands in the world have impressive Facebook followings:

Starbucks: 36,000,000

Nike: 27,000,000

Google: 22,000,000


Despite these brands being hugely popular global businesses, their social media followings are considerably behind three of the world’s most popular musicians:

Eminem: 90,000,000

Rihanna: 81,000,000

Justin Bieber: 78,000,000

So, what can brands learn from musicians?

Acting like a corporate sales machine on social media will turn audiences off. Musicians who use their social media channels well are not constantly pushing products - instead, they’re showcasing their personality and interacting with fans. Interacting with your audience in a personal manner can make them feel connected to your brand.

Do not be restricted to a robotic tone. Giving your channels a humorous voice can often resonate with your target market. Take note of how musicians engage their audience and inject some personality into your brand’s channels. Listen to what they’re saying and engage in interesting conversation.

Experiment with different tactics and use analytics to determine which strategy has worked best.  

Content is key - posting content that is interesting will encourage fans to interact with your brand. Impressive follower numbers mean nothing without conversation and engagement. Brands may not have footage from live shows or music videos to share but that does not mean that they ca not post compelling content.

Red Bull are a brand that are well known for their creative content - this content ensures high rates of engagement across their social media channels.



The more interesting your brand’s content, the more likely it is that fans will engage with your brand’s channels.

Have an opinion. The most popular musicians are not afraid to share their opinions, but with brands, there is a tendency to play it safe. Having an opinion across social media sparks conversation and can strengthen ties with the audience. Commenting on trending topics can also bring a new audience to your brand. It’s important to act fast with trending topics as news can become old very quickly.

If you can not beat em’... collaborate. Collaborating with musicians can be a great way to grow a brand’s social media following. For Casio’s recent Action In Music campaign, DawBell enlisted another of its client’s, Laura Mvula. Laura's involvement was a huge success. Not only did it the campaign secure major nationwide news coverage for the brand, it also significantly increased Casio’s social media following.