Relevance & Reputation

Brand Challenge

Support Pioneer DJ’s business goals across a multi-market PR campaign

The brief for the campaign has been focused upon tier three media, defined as lifestyle and national media outlets. As the brand is considered to be a market leader within its field, target media was focused outside of DJ-led titles so that the campaign could target hobbyists and music lovers to inspire them to learn DJing. This would support the brand’s entry-level equipment.



A strategic pan-European campaign was devised with a two-pronged approach

1. Educating & inspiring Gen-Z

This was done via in-person workshops to teach DJing, sharing how-to advice, developing a tactical family-focused influencer challenge and a tiered media focus with a Gen-Z skew. Education around DJing would be crucial to not only inspire the target audience to learn DJing but to give them the tools they need to continue their DJing journey.

2. Championing & supporting talent

The project celebrated calendar moments (e.g. Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride) with specific learner sessions. It also planned out influencer seeding and identified key products to hero that resonate with a diverse genre of music. All the above was supported with a robust press office function. 


As part of the traditional PR approach for this campaign, the strategy also lent into influencers as a key way to target a Gen-Z audience. This was tackled in different ways. Firstly by creating an influencer-fit chart, relevant influencers were targeted in an organic way that established relationships with the brand and encouraged social posting about their journey into learning to DJ. 

Secondly, bespoke influencer projects were created at key moments of the year (e.g. Christmas and the launch of the brand’s TikTok channel) to align influencers Europe-wide for content to be posted simultaneously that communicated the inspiration to learn DJing. All content across all counties was published in sync with a call to action to follow Pioneer DJ and offer the audience the opportunity to win beginner equipment. This focused on key products to encourage sales.

And lastly, a seven day challenge was developed whereby YouTubers from across the UK, Germany, Spain and France were tasked with a committment to learn to DJ within seven days and vlog about their experience. Absolute beginners were secured and agreed for organic content.


  • 2022 OTS: 871m+
  • 2021 OTS: 732m+
  • 400+ coverage pieces, across four countries (France, Germany, Spain and the UK)
  • 44% sales uplift spiked by an influencer project
  • Key coverage across: BILD (Germany), Stylist (UK), GQ (all countries), Esquire (Germany/UK), Vice (UK), ITV (UK), The Daily Telegraph (UK), Le Parisien (France), Mixtape Madness (UK), Hypebeast (UK), Technikart Magazine (France), Fuera de Serie (Spain), InStyle (Spain), Woman Magazine (Spain), and much more
  • TikTok influencer launch:
    • 970% increase in the brand’s TikTok community
    • 136k total views within two weeks (organic)
    • 39 videos from 13 influencers
    • 3.1m OTS 
  • 22m+ combined reach of influencers
  • 150+ organic posts from influencers