Relevance & Reputation

Brand Challenge

Increase awareness and supporting sales of Casio’s LK-S250 to align strongly with a key benefit of playing the keyboard

Following research, the narrative around health and wellbeing was going to be crucial due to studies showing the benefits that playing music can have, such as; mental health, reducing stress & anxiety, and much more. Dementia was one health condition pronounced in this research following an uptake in music making from a mature audience during lockdown. There was an opportunity to explore this, with campaign objectives outlined as:

  1. Drive awareness and support sales of the LK-S250, highlighting its health & wellbeing benefits
  2. Strongly position Casio as a tool to help with dementia
  3. Raise awareness of the positive impact music therapy can have to encourage uptake across care homes and beyond



Research was undertaken to understand what area of health & wellbeing could be focused upon, which utilised music therapy

It became clear that music and dementia was an area which showed positive results linked to playing music and this was backed by research at Casio HQ in Japan. This direction was taken in looking at how playing music can impact those living with dementia and although a scientific study couldn’t be conducted, there was an opportunity to explore a ‘lived experience’.

This ‘lived experience’ study saw playing the keyboard being integrated into a care plan for dementia. The LK-S250 was crucial because of how easy it is for anyone to play by following the lighted up keys, and the study followed participants with dementia across 50 care homes nationwide. To integrate the LK-S250 into a care plan, a partnership was formed with Music for Dementia and care provider MHA, to execute the study in their care homes. The project took place in specialist dementia care homes over six months with Casio providing keyboards for music therapy sessions. Over 100 residents participated. 

After the six months, a questionnaire was developed to discover what differences the music therapists, care home managers, friends and family, as well as the participants with a capacity to answer, noticed in the residents. The results were incredible. A key finding revealed that the residents displayed improved signs of memory recall. Respondents agreed that playing the keyboard increased opportunities for social interaction and it was reported it reduced stress/anxiety amongst the participants. The findings were turned into a report, which was then revealed to the media with a landing page created as the call to action to download it. The report was strategically launched during World Alzheimer’s Month (September), as this was a key moment to gain the most traction from media. 

As well as launching the report, emotive case studies were identified and guest editorial was secured across target media. Influencers who had experienced dementia in some way through friends or family, were also targeted to support the report.


The campaign delivered commending results. Highlights include:

  • An increase in LK-S250 sales, with multiple retailers reporting increased enquiries
  • Report downloads from multiple care homes, health organisations, universities and many more 
  • Traffic to the website:
    • LK-S250 webpage – 46% increase YOY
    • Casio website – 30% increase YOY
  • Coverage:
    • 152 pieces / OTS of 480m+. Highlights include Sky News, BBC5 Live, Daily Mail, Independent, Evening Standard, Times Radio, Health & Care, Care Talk, Medical Online, Capital FM and more – reaching the core audience of the care sector, as well as a national audience
  • Influencer social posts from Vicky McClure, Billy Lockett and Maree Todd

This wholesome campaign tackled a real problem – how to help those living with dementia. It propelled the conversation around music therapy and strongly positioned Casio’s LK-S250 as a credible tool to utilise for this condition. It not only moved the needle for Casio in terms of sales, but also with so many report downloads from important organisations, there is an opportunity for many more caregivers to implement this type of therapy through Casio’s light up keyboard. The campaign even won ‘Best PR Campaign’ at the Global Agency Awards 2023 and is a testament of the hardwork the team put in.